Is deloitte strategy consulting good?

Earlier this year, I spoke with a manager from Deloitte's London office and got some very interesting details about what it's like to work for the second largest professional services company in the world (by revenue). Search for Strategy Consultant jobs at Deloitte now and start preparing for your job interview by consulting the most frequently asked questions about Strategy Consultant interviews at Deloitte. On the careers site, use the system filter to select “Management Consulting” under “Choose a Type of Job or Service”. This is what I learned during a conversation with a Deloitte manager who works in the Consulting area of Deloitte, based in London.

Within Big Daddy Deloitte, there are 4 business units: tax, auditing, financial advisory and consulting. Deloitte Consulting is also divided into 3 sectors: human capital, technology and strategy (26% Analytics). Big Daddy Deloitte is one of the four major professional services firms that own the market for tax, auditing and advisory services.