How much can you charge as a coach?

This varies depending on some factors, such as experience, the length of the session and whether they are certified by an independent entity, such as the International Federation of Coaches (ICF). Because of how poorly regulated the executive and life coaching industry is, coaches have resorted to charging exorbitant fees for the service. If you've just decided to hire the services of a life coach, one of the things you're probably worried about is the exact rates that professional life coaches charge for their services. When you're wondering “how much should I charge for training”, know what it's worth when it comes to pricing your training services.

For example, Keith Webb, a renowned coach and business leader in the United States, recommends charging based on the client's results, the difficulty of training given to his clients and the experience he can offer. For example, if you're a business consultant who recently graduated from business school or who has a lot of courses and certifications, you may be able to charge more and charge a fixed price for your services, which in practice will take you away from your hourly rate. Life coaches who offer more sessions with industry leaders tend to charge higher rates than their counterparts who serve ordinary people. While you can find a life coach who charges based on your hourly rate, there are other buses that charge monthly; the choice is yours.

Life coaches who implement hypnotherapy or track their activities with accountability software, such as Bonsai, tend to charge higher rates than those who don't. Identifying how much to charge as a health coach is a tedious task that requires careful research and well-structured conversations. Don't expect a personal trainer who has received different training and gained experience over the years to charge less than a coach with less experience, who is likely to struggle to get his first group of clients. Because the perceived value of its offer by its customers was still much higher than the amount charged by this coach.

In addition, most of the life coaches who offer this package charge cheaper rates than their counterparts, who only accept clients by the hour. A large number of coaches who run a coaching business tend to charge by the hour they dedicate to serving their clients.